Group Leaders

Whether you organize your family vacations, a volunteer group, a school group, or a scout trip, the benefits of being the lead organizer means you can ensure your group obtains the best group options and perks. If your group is large enough, you or someone in your group may be able to travel for free or you can provide something extra for your group. Maybe you want your group to have matching shirts or customized water bottles – we can help. You’ll handle the essential details such as selecting the trip, point of departure, and how long the trip will last. From there you will share the details with your group and then provide us with the details about the travelers. We assist with providing you a webpage and flyers that provides your group with details about your trip. If you’ve never planned travel before, don’t worry; we will be able to help you every step of the way including helping you decide on which trip best meets the needs of your group and offers them the best value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Group Leader Travel refers to the person who organizes a group into a travel package, be it a cruise, land tour or hotel reservations. The Group Leader is the go-to person who works with us and often enjoys discounted or free bonuses for organizing the group.

Traveling as a group can be rewarding in many ways. Make memories, share the vacation with friends or family, discover a new passion with likeminded people you already know, enjoy deluxe travel at reduced costs, the possibilities on group travel are only limited by your imagination. Whether you are exploring your heritage on a multi-generational family vacation or discovering the history behind your favorite books with your book club, there’s a group travel package for you.

Group Leaders can be anyone who doesn’t mind designing a vacation, working with Travel Titans to secure discounted rates and gathering information from the group.

Earn shipboard credits and special amenities for you and your Group!

A group can be as few as 10 people or for a cruise as low as 8 cabins.  With enough people in your group you or one of your travelers may travel at an extremely discounted rate or sometimes free.  Some groups have their teacher or pastor travel free with their group.  The options are endless.

You ultimately make the travel destination, ship, and date decisions that best meets your needs.

  • Decide on your Group travel destination and timeframe.  Or contact us with your ideas and we can provide information to help you decide.
  • Submit a request for a free quote!
  • Invite your guests.
  • Book your Group as early as possible for the biggest discounts.
  • We negotiate special rates for your Group with customized payment plans.
  • Our Group travel experts will help you plan the best cruise for your needs.
  • We provide a complimentary, personalized webpage for your Group Cruise to help communicate and organize all of your Group cruise information.
  • We create detailed flyers for you to use to invite your Group members.

Once you have a group that has decided to travel, contact Travel Titans about the possibilities. You may already have a destination, cruise or land tour in mind, but don’t worry even if you don’t, we can help you narrow down the choices and costs to present to your group. You’ll can serve as the liaison between your group and us or we are happy to present information to your group.  You may decide to design flyers, send emails, make phone calls to get your group together. It is great if you collect the names and other important information for your group or we are happy to assist.

In exchange for organizing your group, you’ll reap the rewards associated with group travel. Benefits may include a free room in a luxury hotel; many hotels and resorts offer a free room for a minimum quantity reserved. Or maybe you’d like to cruise the Caribbean Sea or European rivers. Most ocean and river cruises offer discounted group rates, making it more appealing to your group, as well as free passage for a minimum quantity booked. Perhaps you’d like an upgraded cabin instead of a free passage. Turn your standard room into a suite or balcony while you pay the lower price.

While the amount required to travel to receive benefits vary, reach out to us and we will provide you with the details for group events you are interested in.

Extended families, Multi-generational, church organizations, scout groups, book clubs, Rotary clubs, school groups, class reunions, workplace functions, incentive groups are just some of the groups we’ve worked with. If you can gather a collection of like-minded people, you can benefit from group travel.

Depending on where you’re traveling and what you want to do, a group can be arranged for as little as 10 people. Need more room? We can put together incentive travel and seminars at sea for workforce groups in the hundreds.

Cruises, land packages, domestic and international travel are all at your doorstep. There are eligible programs in virtually every destination and every type of travel. From airline tickets, free upgrades, free cabins on cruise ships, free rooms or upgrades on hotels. The possibilities are endless.

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